We believe that all women deserve the right to dream. Our mission is to enable those dreams to come true by selling beautiful sleepwear that provides women with opportunities they wouldn't otherwise have.



Haiti will always have a special place in our hearts. 

During a visit to the country in 2014, Project Love co-founders met a group of young deaf women who forever changed their lives.

These women grew up without the ability to hear and received very little education. During their childhood, most of them lived in orphanages unable to communicate with the world around them. 

It was during that trip in 2014 that Project Love was birthed and we knew we wanted to provide a better future for women like the ones they had just met. 

Our mission here at Project Love is for all women to have the best possible future. To make that vision a reality, we partner alongside the best organizations possible, so that together we can create better futures. 

In Haiti, we work with the Haiti Deaf Academy, an organization that empowers women to reach their full potential.