Developed to create better futures for women and to enable dreams to come true, Project Love is a sleepleisure line that exists to connect communities of women around the globe. Born out of Atlanta and manufactured in Los Angeles, the line, which is designed by Michael Faircloth, consists of beautiful & stylish, comfortable sleepwear.

Project Love builds bridges between communities of women by inviting customers to individually engage with a woman in another country and provide her with an education by purchasing a beautiful piece of sleepwear. Each piece is named after a woman, and each purchase enables that woman to attend school for the day. Collectively, the current collection sends a group of young deaf women to school in Haiti. These women have received very little schooling, so by giving them the opportunity to attend school, a door to a better future will be opened for them. And in return, Project Love customers will have sweet dreams knowing they’ve helped create a better future for another woman far away.